Team 470 offers our students many different opportunities to better themselves  while they are still in high school including training in a variety of skills.  The fact that we have a diverse group of mentors, representing many occupations and skills, allows us to provide excellent opportunities to succeed and learn for our students.

School Tutoring

We have an important and necessary time before every meeting during build season where all students MUST work on school work. At this time there is always a mentor ready and available to help out with anyone that needs it. Thanks to the help of team 66, team 470 is now grateful to have a new resource this year that truly helps us out even more. This new resource is a certified teacher and she is amazing. Thanks to her and tutoring time we are proud to say that our teams overall gpa is 3.3 on the grading scale of 4.0.

Working with others

To be on Team 470, there are things everyone must bear in mind. Being open to learning new things is one. Working with a diverse group of students and mentors helps our students to grow their love of learning. This is a challenge with high schooler students.  Tearing down the resistance to learning is a great achievement of Team 470; producing students who are willing to learn and participate in different activities to benefit the team.

Soft skills

To help the students who may want to go into a field that is closer to business, the mentors help develop their soft skills for an office environment. We do this by having students prepare small presentations about the message of FIRST and present them to people at an event, to peers in class and to other team members. This way we are able to kill two birds with one stone; sharpening oral communication skills and spreading the message of FIRST.

Leadership Opportuities

We  strive to give our members leadership opportunities so they can learn valuable life skills that can help them to work with others around them now and in future adventures. For example, when it comes to smaller projects we organize a team of five or six students with another student member supervising, offering comments and constructive criticism. While this can be seen as over confidence on our part, we don’t see it as such.  Through  this process, students learn responsibility and care for themselves and others.

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